Learning about graphs!

We are learning to collect data.  We used a tally chart to count how many pieces of fruit the people in our family ate.

We are learning to make graphs. We are learning about bar graphs.

We know lots of words to do with statistics.

bar graph,  collect data, bars, tally chart, data, most, least, compare, first, second, third, fourth, last, popular.



Term 3!

We welcomed our new deputy principal, Mr Bradnock with a mihi whakatau.  Mrs Tamatea helped us get ready for our welcome.  Mr Bradnock brought his whanau and friends with him.

We welcomed a new student, Ben.  Ben, we are pleased you have come to our school!

We are busy practising for the school production!  SSSSSSShhhhhhh! We are keeping our production item quiet!  You will need to buy a ticket if you want to come to the Regent to see it.  It is on the 21st August.

Mrs Harvey taught us a new maths multiplication game.  Mrs Handcock gave us the game to take home to practise our timetables.


Book Look!

DSCN1036We took our books home last Friday.  Mums, Dads, grannies and sisters looked at our books and wrote comments about how clever we are.  On Monday we felt proud when we shared the comments our families had written in our books.

Milk Tower!

DSCN1038Everyday when Matthew delivers our milk he tries to make a tower.  He carefully tips the box up and gently taps the bottom of the box.  Hopefully the little cartoons of mild stay stacked up in a tower shape.


Toasty Fractions!

DSCN1047DSCN1053DSCN1054Oscar said, “What a good feast!”  We made lashings of toast.  It was delicious and it helped make us clever at equivalent fractions.  If you had a half a piece of toast with honey comb on it you could swap it for 2/4.  If you had a whole piece of toast you could swap it for 2/2.  If you had 1/2 a piece of toast you could swap it for 3/6.

Measuring rain!

Spider reading group were busy reading scientific books last week.  Then they read about rain gauges.  On Friday the spiders were the leaders and all of us made rain gauges.  We had to read the instructions and follow them.  We used stones to weight the gauges, plastics bottles, vivids, a ruler and tape.  We cut the top off the bottle and we put it upside down.  Mr Byrnes has put our rain gauges on the roof and we are going to check them next Monday.  Maiya thinks they might be half full.  Annalise thinks they might be close to the top full.  Amitis things the rain might fill the rain gauge.  Charlotte thinks it might be a quarter full.  Chavira thinks the wind might blow the gauges and move them.  It is just as well we have weighted them.

Perfect, prize winning pizzas!

Yesterday Ruma tekau ma ono made pizza lunch.  The pretend pizza tray was full and we are learning about fractions.  Usually we make individual pizzas but because we are learning about fractions we made large pizzas and cut them into fractions.  Oliver and Al-Bara had 1/2 a pizza first.  Kayla and Louis had 1/6 of a pizza.  Mahimi, Amitis, Ashton, and Nickolas had 1/8 of a pizza.  Tarun said, “It is difficult to cut pizza into equal fractions.”

Cross country champions!

Ruma tekau ma ono athletes are busy training for the school cross country event.  There are strategies that help champion runners run well. Al-Bara says, “Pace yourself!”  Kayla says, “Jog first and then go faster later.” Ryan says, “Save your breath and energy for the hard part.”  Matthew says, “Pump your arms and don’t talk because that slows you down.”  Josiah says, “Warm up first!”DSCN0793

Welcome to Term 2

Here we are back at Hokowhitu School!  We all had great holiday.  Lots of us did lots of different things.  Some students did  weaving, some went to the movies, some went to visit other cities, some went to the $2 shop, some went to the beach,  some went horse riding, some people had family visitors, some people went on the luge and some people were kind to their parents at home.  Oh dear!  Some students were ill over the holidays.  We are looking forward to a busy term with lots of learning.